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Hello, This document helps PwC to map your organisation with key focus areas of an innovation program at one of our clients. Please provide answers to all questions applicable to you as it will help us understand your capabilities better.

The information shared herein shall solely be accessed by PwC personnel working on the project and the client organization.

There are 21 questions in this survey.

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Company profile

1 . Company name (full legal entity name)
2 . Please provide your website link
3 . Please enter details of the primary contact person

Company alignment

4 . Enlisted below are the focus areas and use-cases we are working on with the client. Please tick all that are applicable for you. If you have live implementations with any client on the use-case, please mention the same in the textbox on the right.
1. Application fraud detection - Screen new to bank customers during the account opening / lending process to identify duplicates against the banks existing database (fuzzy matching), outliers basis customer profiles, hits from screening multiple blacklists / sanction lists to generate alerts
2. Application risk profiling - Create a customer risk score at the customer onboarding stage based on demographic information, bureau score and any additional data scores. On a monthly basis inject the customer transaction behavior to develop a dynamic risk score.
3. Application data extraction - OCR/text mining/NLU/image analytics for enabling quicker onboarding through auto-population of data from documents, and subsequent forgery and anomaly detection (national ID and other application documents)
4. Chatbots - A conversational AI virtual assistant (English mandatory, Arabic preferred) should be able to address multiple banking uses cases for customers, employees, relationship managers and agents. Should be voice enabled and have multi-channel support (sample use cases FAQs, payments, customer service calls (balance checks, cheque book request etc).
5. Emailbot – Intelligent email automation - automation of replies to requests for standard reports from customers and other regulatory bodies. The chatbot should be able to read email instructions, understand the intent (multiple or single), query system/s for required information (e.g. develop reports) and send out replies
6. Acquisition and Onboarding - Customer analytics for personalized targeting of new and current customers – Should be able to analyse things like clickstreams and device fingerprints to arrive at customized recommendations
7. Acquisition and Onboarding - EKYC solutions for retail customers by scanning of EID (Emirates ID)
8. Virtual card issuance - solutions for issuing virtual cards with dynamic limit configuration
9. Enterprise transaction monitoring - Monitoring of all types of transactions within the bank to detect frauds - Incoming and outgoing funds transfers through SWIFT, Domestic Clearing ( Funds Transfers/ Cheques), channel monitoring - IVR, Internet and Mobile banking channels to identify unusual activity and monitoring unauthorized access by staff relating to customer accounts
10. Payments - Enable instant P2P payments (peer to peer) through messaging, using emirates ID, and account or phone numbers. A good to have functionality will be to tag and split bills and expenses
11. Payments – Enabling a merchant payment ecosystem with merchant partnerships across multiple domains, payment gateway to process payments across different channels and provide recommendations on the best mode of payment for a merchant (Pls tick even if you do 2 out of 3)
12. Payments – Build a Loyalty program aggregation engine for the client that can integrate with existing loyalty programs across merchants and give a single view to client customers with consolidated points that can be used across all client merchants
13. Forex cards - issuance of forex cards with multi-currency support to current and new customers along with a mobile app to monitor, transfer and load currencies. A complete digital onboarding for new to bank customer in the UAE would be key.
14. Disruptive remittance - Online cross border remittances to retail and corporate customers in a quicker and cost efficient manner
 Please input 'confidential' if you cannot reveal the names of clients

Headquarters and list of registered offices

5 . Please list down details of your HQ and other registered offices
  Address City Country Regions/geographies served
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Founders profile and organization structure

6 . Please give details of the founders and key CXOs/senior management personnel
  Name Designation Experience in years LinkedIn profile
Founder / CXO 1
Founder / CXO 2
Founder / CXO 3
Founder / CXO 4
Founder / CXO 5
7 . Please upload resumes of all the founders and key CXOs/senior management personnel
8 . What is your current full-time employee strength?

9 . What are the different divisions or departments within your company and what is their strength in numbers?
  Name Strength
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Division 2
Division 3
Division 4
Division 5
Division 6
Division 7

Investor profile and details

10 . Please give details about your investors
  Investor name Investor category (PE, VC, Angel, Seed fund, etc) Funding amount Funding round (Seed, Angel, Series A, Series B, etc) Date of investment Valuation at the time of investment
Investor 1
Investor 2
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 If you are bootstrapped, please mention 'bootstrapped' in Investor 1
11 . For how long do you have runway?
less than 6 months
6-12 months
1-2 years
2+ years

Details of enterprise clients

12 . Please give any details of your enterprise clients that you are free to dilvulge:
  Number of clients Names of key clients Names of key clients in the UAE
Ongoing PoCs
Successful PoCs, but not live
Live implementations
 Enter "None / NA" wherever not applicable

Product/solution details

13 . Please enter details about your products/solutions
  Name Description Stage of development (prototype/beta/live) USP against competitors Names of key competitors
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14 . What are the components that typically form your pricing model? Please tick all the relevant components and provide brief descriptions along with average fee in USD.
Enterprise license
User license
Transaction based
Maintenance costs
Installation configuration costs
Others (please specify)
15 . What deployment options can you support?
On premise
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Global cloud


16 . Do you have a presence in the UAE? Or are willing to setup an office here?
Have an office in the UAE
Have worked with clients in UAE, but do not have a dedicated office
Do not have a presence currently, but open to exploring opportunities
17 . Would you come in person for a demo? (Demos will be held in India or Dubai towards the end of October or November first week)
Prefer to come to Dubai
Prefer to come to Mumbai, India
Can come to either location
Prefer to do over VC
18 . Would you be open to doing a PoC free of cost? (Will be a 4-6 week long PoC. If not please provide expected/average cost.)

19 . Please provide any pitch decks or other collateral about your company and its products that you can share
20 . Disclaimer: the information shared via this form is true to the best of our knowledge.
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21 . Please provide any other information that you would like to highlight that has not been covered above: